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04 Aug 2020

What engagement have you undertaken on the Staverton to Hampshire Hills route so far?

In late 2019 and early 2020, TasNetworks consulted on a proposed route for the Staverton to Hampshire Hills section of the North West Tasmania transmission developments. The proposed route was identified using detailed desktop studies undertaken by a team of experts in the fields of land use planning, power system engineering, economics, environment and cultural heritage.

As part of the engagement process TasNetworks met with landowners, in addition to holding community pop-up sessions, conducting an online survey, and running face-to-face community workshops.

Through the initial engagement process, TasNetworks sought feedback from landowners and the community about what they value about the area and whether they thought the route selection process had taken into account what mattered to them. A report summarising engagement from October-December 2019 is available here [hyperlink to report]

How have you listened to and factored in landowner and community feedback?

Following the initial engagement process, TasNetworks received requests for changes to the proposed route from directly affected landowners, neighbours and community groups. We then met with these interested parties to better understand their concerns and suggestions for realignment.

TasNetworks undertook further detailed investigations into variations to the proposed route, which considered landowner and community concerns and suggestions; noting some suggestions were not aligned with other suggestions. As part of the investigation process, TasNetworks undertook eagle nest surveys in late April and early May.

Variations to the proposed route have now been assessed. These variations have informed the preferred route.

The wide range of feedback received from our initial engagement process on the Staverton to Hampshire Hills transmission route has been considered. As a result, changes have been made to the proposed route. The result is that more of the route – and 97 per cent in total – now traverses commercial forestry land.

How does the Staverton to Hampshire Hills route relate to developments planned by UPC Renewables?

The first transmission line TasNetworks is progressing for approvals and construction lies is a new line between the Staverton and Hampshire areas.

The Robbins Island and Jim’s Plain Renewable Energy Park is currently being planned by a private energy developer called UPC Renewables. The UPC Renewables connection has prompted TasNetworks to bring forward part of the proposed network upgrades planned for North West Tasmania, with acceleration at the developer’s cost. TasNetworks’ goal is to work with UPC Renewables and other generation developers to achieve a coordinated and optimised transmission network that efficiently unlocks the renewable energy zone in the region.

The proposed transmission line between Staverton and Hampshire Hills is to be built, owned and operated by TasNetworks. Under this arrangement, UPC Renewables will pay for the right to use the line.

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