Revised Proposal submitted and available

We are delighted to announce the submission of our Revised Proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator, detailing the funding we need to deliver safe, reliable and efficient electricity services to Tasmanians for the 2024-2029 regulatory control period for both transmission and distribution networks.

>> Download our Revised Proposal documents below <<

Supporting documents
The full submission, including models, will be available from the AER’s website in December. In the meantime the following key supporting documents are available for download:

The Revised Proposal has been shaped by feedback from our customers and stakeholders in the most diverse and comprehensive engagement program we've ever completed, including direct engagement with over 830 individuals on 60+ topics over a 2.5 year period.

Acknowledging that households and businesses are experiencing increasing cost of living pressures, the Revised Proposal reflects our commitment to provide Tasmanians with clean and reliable power as safely and affordably as possible. Customers also told us they want proactive investment in renewables, consistent reliability across the state, and a transparent commitment to sustainability.

Balancing these preferences in a time of significant energy transition, economic uncertainty and rising cost of living pressures has been a complex yet crucial task. We've sought to achieve this by constraining our capital and operational expenditure to the lowest sustainable levels, despite increasing real costs and inflation, to offset higher costs associated with items such as cyber security and insurance.

While forecast revenue and bill impacts have increased from our initial Combined Proposal of January 2023, the reasons for these increases (inflation, interest rates), are unfortunately outside our control. To reduce the effect of these bill increases on our customers, we've recommended a smoother price path in the Revised Proposal, based on direct feedback from our customer representatives and stakeholders.

Distribution customer highlights Transmission customer highlights

Next steps

The AER will now review our Revised Proposal. Their Final Determination in April 2024 will outline how much we can spend on our networks, as well as the network charges we can apply during the new regulatory control period (2024-2029). We welcome your feedback on our Revised Proposal, either directly to us or through the AER's official submission process, available on their website here.

Submissions due on Draft Decision and Revised Proposal 19 January 2024
AER issues Final Determination by 30 April 2024
New regulatory period starts 1 July 2024

To our customers and stakeholders...

We extend our sincere thanks to every customer and stakeholder who has invested their time, thoughts and expertise into the development of not only our Revised Proposal, but the preceding documents (Draft Plan and Combined Proposal). We have heard your voices and we are committed to ongoing genuine and transparent engagement with you.

How to get in touch with us

Phone: 1300 555 727

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